Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past months we have recieved tons of questions.  

We thought we'd answer some of those here.  

Please check here before sending an email if you have a question. 

Thank you!

What happened to Tripp?

On October 29th, 2012, Tripp was outside playing at daycare. It was a beautiful day with a little bit of wind. Hurricane Sandy was off the coast of Georgia and we were getting some effects, in the form of wind. A huge gust of wind came and a large branch broke and fell from high up in a tree, right onto Tripp's head.  You can read more detail on the "Our Story" page.

What is Tripp's prognosis?


When Tripp was injured, the doctors didn't expect him to make it through the first surgery.  The doctors don't know how far Tripp will progress, but he has shown us all how strong he is and that he is a fighter! We are all dedicated to doing as much as possible to help him progress to his full potential.

I'd like to send something to the family, where do I send it? When will they recieve it? Will they respond?

You are more than welcome to send things to Tripp, Bill, and Stacy. The address is:

The Halstead Family

P.O. Box 509

Jefferson, GA  30549


Stacy tried sending "thank you" notes to each person that sent something for Tripp, but it became quite overwhelming. The do recieve and read everything that is sent, but usually don't have the time to respond.

Does Tripp go to therapy?

Yes. Tripp goes to three different therapies, three days a week, so nine total appointments. When he's not going to therapy, family members and Tripp's nurses work with him at home in his new therapy room.

Can Tripp eat, walk, talk?

Not at this time. Tripp can be likened to a newborn. He is relearning everything, including how to swallow and hold his head up. He has a feeding tube that goes into his stomach that he gets formula through.