Favorite Links

These are just a few of our favorite websites.

Holly and Pete Ranney founded this non-profit organization to create safe, fun and uplifting dream-room makeovers for children with long-term illness.


SOARD approached the Halsteads about doing a makeover on Tripp's room soon after his accident. Bill had just 'reveiled' a new Car's themed "big boy" room to Tripp only a week before the accident. Together, they decided to makeover a room on the main level of the Halstead's home into a therapy room for Tripp.

As Tripp progressed and plans were being made for him to go home, the Halsteads realized how impractical their current house was for Tripp's new needs. It was a two level house, with no bedroom and only a half bath on the main level. Knowing how much they would now have to depend on Stacy's family, they began looking for a new house in a neighborhood less than a 1/4 mile from her parent's house, and a mile from her sister. 


When they purchased a foreclosed house that needed a lot of work, SOARD stepped in. SOARD received an overwhelming amount of support, through donations and from companies wanting to be a part of this project. After realizing just how many volunteers they would have, SOARD decided to do an entire home makeover!


On July 13th, SOARD presented the Halstead family with a fully accessible, safe, beautiful home for Tripp to grow up in. 


SOARD plans to do one large makeover like the Halstead home once a year, along with numerous smaller makeovers. The Halsteads along with their family and friends will be involved with as many as possible! We are all so thankful to SOARD and all of the volunteers!


For more information on this wonderful organization, please click the link above to visit their website.

Ride to Give is charitable non-profit organization founded by Kaete Nazeroff and her husband, Fifteen time Iron Man, Dave Nazaroff. 


Kaete contacted the Halsteads with the idea of Dave, riding his bicycle from Nyack, New York, to Jefferson, Georgia. The 900 mile trip would take 5 days for Dave to complete. The goal was to raise awareness for Tripp and help raise money for his medical care. 


In the summer of 2013, Dave, followed by a support team of 3 in a van, made the 900 mile journey. None of us expected the support he recieved in this endevour, which included people standing along the road he was traveling to cheer him on. Others joined him for parts of  his ride. Even though there was no plan to sell shirts, so many followers asked, and Kaete & Dave responded. 


The day Dave rode in to meet up with the rest of the riders to ride the last mile of his trip, was a very emotional day. No one knew what a large part of our lives this wonderful family would become.


When all was said and done, Ride to GIVE was able to raise $180,000 for the Halsteads and an additional $17,000 for Sunshine on a Ranney Day.


Dave & Kaete plan to do the Ride to GIVE each year to benefit a new child each year. And, in the spirit of "paying it forward", the Halstead's family and friends will be a part of it.


For more information about this amazing charity, please click the link above to visit their website.